When You’re A Gardener In A Graveyard, You’re Bound To Find Some Weird Things

There are a lot of jobs out there that might be considered creepy, and being a graveyard gardener would probably top most people’s lists. As is the case with other gardeners, these folks are tasked with beautifying outdoor spaces.

But all that beauty is bound to be interrupted when you make a living planting flowers next to headstones.

First and foremost, graveyard gardeners are charged with cleaning up old flowers that have been left behind by visitors.


A friend of Redditor Gombotz is a graveyard gardener, and he found this creepy-looking doll on a grave one day while he was cleaning up.

Along with the doll was this bizarre note that contained a grid of numbers. A few Redditors pointed out that it looked like a Punnett square.

People in the comments section came to a few startling conclusions about the doll.


A few suggested that the chart and the creepy doll could’ve been used to put a hex on someone. One person dug deeper and figured out that the characters in the chart were actually East Arabic numerals that added up to 165. In the Redditor’s words, “This number corresponds with a demon called Naamah — a figure that presides over the Qliphothic reflection of Malkuth.” Naamah is also linked to Lilith.

Those who chimed in seemed to agree, but they concluded that the person who planted the doll was probably just an amateur with a vague interest in this strange legend.

(source: Reddit)

While it’s impossible to determine what was going on in that graveyard, the whole thing is still really disturbing to read about. For the gardener, however, it was probably just another day at the office.

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