When A Good Samaritan Found A Baby Sea Lion In The Road…He Did The Right Thing

It might sound odd for a sea lion to be found anywhere but in or around the sea, but it actually happens more often than you’d think. This little guy was found wandering around San Francisco not once…but twice! And this brazen buddy decided to take a break from the ocean and test out the pool.

You see, when the moms need to find food for their pups, they sometimes leave them on shore. We imagine it can get a bit boring — and maybe even scary — so they opt to go out walking on their lonesome.

When San Diego resident Matt McDevitt found this little guy waddling across a busy street, he knew just what to do.

Grabbing a friend and two beach towels, they stopped traffic and herded the confused pup back to the beach.

After some patient coaxing, he got the hint, and when he saw the ocean he got so excited!

(via The Dodo)

McDevitt was smart not to touch the baby, as doing so could have caused his mom to not trust him. Hopefully he and his ma were reunited shortly after he dove into the waves.

What an adorable, majestic little guy!

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