It Looks Like A Boring Trailer…But After He’s Done With It? So Incredible!

This hunk of junk wasn’t serving much of a purpose as an old trailer, but once a clever crafter put some work into it, the trailer got a brand new lease on life.

When it came time for Instructables user Dustman0042 to upgrade his trailer, he really went all out. Just in time for some summer fun, he turned the run-down trailer into something any lover of the outdoors would appreciate. If you’d like to know how to pull off a similar makeover, check this out!

This is what he started with.

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First, he totally gutted it.

Then he created a new roof with reclaimed wood.

After that, he added some windows to let a little light in.

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That’s when the real makeover began. With a shiny tin roof and a bright red coat of paint, this little trailer was ready to hit the road (and look gorgeous doing it)!

Here’s the inside.

Of course, he had to add some light fixtures.

With the addition of a mattress, his camper was finally complete.

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Well said!

Happy camping!

So, are you ready to build your own this weekend? Just follow these detailed instructions and you’ll be well on your way.

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